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This is a 21st century Arabian Nights that will keep you enthralled for yet another one thousand and one nights, with an enchanting story beginning each morning, 7 days a week.

Rolling Story presents you with the carefully selected webtoons from Korea, illustrated tales
full of titillating mischief, adventures and romance, as well as electrifying graphic novels from
the US and spine-tingling mangas from Japan.

Just open your PC, tablet or mobile, wherever you are, whenever it is. No need to carry
around thousand comic books with you. No need to buy them all.

We are ready to captivate your attention. Wait just a little while longer, and we will bring the party to you, right where you are!

Go to our partner Huffington Post if you want to steal a peek behind the curtain. Get a taste
of the dazzling entertainment we are preparing just for you, with all the tales that you have
never imagined, with all the tales that will ever intrigue you.

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  1. the hankyoreh ᅵ Dec. 2, 2014 15:42 KST

    South Korean webtoons taking aim at US market with Huffington Post as partner

    Producers forming a cooperative to package and distribute webtoons on prominent website the Huffington Post

    Fifteen South Korean webtoon creators are forming a cooperative in a bid for the US market. The list of artists includes “Misaeng” creator Yoon Tae-ho, “The Attorney” director Yang Woo-suk, “Hot Blood Kangho” creator Jeon Geuk-jin, and “Trace” creator Ko Young-hoon. They’re now working on serializing their webtoons sometime in the first half of 2015 on the influential US site The Huffington Post. On Nov. 25, the artists head a general members’ meeting for Toonion, a kind of artists‘ cooperative they funded themselves. Toonion is also planning to create Rolling Story, a global service company supplying Korean webtoons overseas, as a way of managing overseas copyrights and supplying web comics through independent apps. “What I want to share with Koreans is something [original Marvel artist] Stan Lee said: ‘Look at the world outside your window,’” Marvel Entertainment senior vice president C. B. Cebulski said in a recent interview. But in terms of digital comic formats, South Korea and its webtoons are still on the other side of the glass. The US comic market, valued at an estimated US$1 billion, is dominated by two publishing giants: Marvel and DC Comics. Apart from Tokyo Pop, which went bust trying to bring Japanese manga to a global audience, no foreign cartoons have yet penetrated the North American market.

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